Tuesday, June 01, 2004


A short list of indispensable (mostly) modern titles for an understanding of traditional High Church divinity:

G.W.O. Addleshaw, The High Church Tradition.

John William Burgon, The Lives of Twelve Good Men.

Robert D. Cornwall, Visible and Apostolic: The Constitution of the Church in High Church Anglican and Non-Juror Thought.

George Every, SSM, The High Church Party.

Kenneth Hylson-Smith, High Churchmanship in the Church of England: From the Sixteenth Century to the Late Twentieth Century.

F. C. Mather, High Church Prophet: Bishop Samuel Horsley.

R.D. Middleton, Magdalen Studies.

Robert Bruce Mullin, Episcopal Vision/American Reality: High Church Theology and Social Thought in Evangelical America.

Peter B. Nockles, The Oxford Movement in Context: Anglican High Churchmanship, 1760-1857.

E. A. Varley, The Last of the Prince Bishops: William Van Mildert and the High Church Movement of the Early Nineteenth Century.


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